Episode 05- Personal Ceremony

Ritual is not something that we do just because we know about it. It really is about returning to our own direct connections with the living world. Welcome back to the next episode. Everyone I’ve actually had some obstructions with being able to create clear recordings, but anyway, we’re back. And today, what I would love to share with you about is seasonal ceremony and the value of this. This might be a shorter episode than before, by the way.

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Episode 03 – Feminine Embodiment?

I have something to share with you today that is possibly more so for women newer to the feminine awakening kind of work and embodiment. But it also will be a good reminder to those who’ve been in it for a while as well. So, there are these questions. I’ve got four questions here that I’ve noticed floating around a lot. And sometimes they get asked to me but mostly I just see them being questions on women’s minds and feeling maybe disappointed and feeling like they’ve been a bit misled when it comes to feminine work and deep feminine understandings and so, I want to address these four things that I’ve been noticing repeatedly going on.

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Episode 02 – Women Are Portals

The richness of your inner world emerges from the depths and uniqueness of your soul’s light. This is the creative edge. It’s risky, it’s rarely comfortable, yet it’s exhilarating, real, and born from within. There‘s plenty of social pressure today to attain (or just project) expert status pretty much from the start. The richest rewards though, are in diving deep into your own creative well.

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