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Welcome to Diary of a Tigress

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Welcome to Diary of a Tigress

Diary of a Tigress | Episode 00

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The first thing to understand here is this is not what you might expect - women say Tigress is a new way of going inside, that it’s actual medicine (without taking a substance), that in a way it’s just as much political as it is personal because this is about your sovereignty….

But wait, you might be asking yourself, what is Tigress? And who am I?? OK so…….  

Tigress is a vitality cultivation art designed specifically for the female physiology of modern women living in today’s world. As someone who has always loved inner alchemy rituals, I dived into this area at a pretty young age and found it was being taught by men as a unisex type of practices but to me were obviously from male lineages that didn’t intend or know how to teach it for women’s bodies and psyches…..and although grateful for having the opportunity to learn from established traditions with ancient roots and energy masters from the east and west, I found myself in a constant process of translating what I was learning through my female body and my experience as a woman. This was before women’s work became popular and before feminine embodiment was a thing like it is now - that literally didn’t exist yet, and so through my explorations, I ended up being one of the main catalysts to carve out that space, for woman-centred embodiment, on female energy cultivation for me on my path, very much focused on spiritual sexuality.  

And believe me, I actually searched for an established tradition  I could devote myself to, no matter where it was in the world, no matter what I needed to give up to explore it, I was prepared to change my life to go and deeply study it……but…..I found it didn’t actually exist in these modern times. Externally all I had  to go on was remnants from old manuscripts in books and  mystical stories from advanced initiates that pointed to what’s  possible, but there was no unbroken lineage that still existed for  me to dive into…and because I’ve always been a bit of a 

reluctant leader, I gradually realised I was being called to bring what I myself was aching for….and that is part of the story of how Tigress came to be.  

That word Tigress in Taoist symbology represents feminine strength, grace, vitality, sensuality, wildness in the true sense,  instinctual power, nurturing mother energy, beauty and prowess.  It’s something women instantly feel & recognise as a sense of permission - it tends to evoke aliveness and a hint of there being something to nourish yourself with as a woman, rather than just be living for everyone else.  

Someone in the Tigress community asked excitedly if this podcast was going to be tales of my sexual escapades and although that could be involved too, we’ll see…..this show Diary of a Tigress is a way to share with you my love for the intimacy of feeling direct divine connection, viscerally in our bodies - in ways that can but don’t need to involve anyone else to experience that - ecstasy of authenticity I call it - if you as a  woman have ever wanted to create space in your life to know yourself as the sexual priestess capacity, this is it, Tigress is here for you too.  

So escorting you on this sacred adventure of Tigress, is me -  Dévashi, and this is what I love to do, I’ve been a confidante &  deep healing companion since 1997 - creating sacred spaces for women, Tigress is for women to let go, to receive and replenish themselves - no matter your age, you will get to experience the real frequency of the universal Goddess lives inside your body. This unique alchemy of Tigress is not the heart-chakra up approach that so much of the new age scene is filled with - it invites the primal instinctual depths of your animal nature, which not only is healing & empowering, it helps to embody your higher consciousness - by being fully yourself,  utterly authentic - and this is the space where sexuality and spirituality effortlessly meets. It helps activate your full range as a woman, and to reconfigure your reality, through what you excavate in your Tigress process - it takes courage,  commitment and a healthy dose of defiance to tune out from the status quo of modern indoctrination to listen deeply enough to go beyond the veils of the regular world and tap into the mystical realms.  

It’s something very real, any woman can do it, and women exploring themselves with Tigress say it can feel like plugging yourself back into the source of your female power, through your body. It has been happening officially since 2005, showing thousands of women around the world how to bring more of who they really are to their creativity, to intimacy, what’s really possible in female pleasure, to how they birth, to their mothering, to their relationships…..I’ve got so many stories to share with you of the real impact it’s had for women of all different ages around the world, and I look forward to sharing some of those with you in the coming episodes.  

Basically, I’m absolutely overflowing with things I can share here, to help clarify what’s really possible in the female embodiment space, and more…..Because the original  frequency of female energy cultivation is not just for prancing  around in your lingerie on social media, (although that might  sound like fun to some), it’s really about the liberation of your  divine true self-identity, in how that moves through you as a woman,  

Because we have enormous power in shaping this reality as  women - as mothers, creatives, partners, and as the portals to  this physical world when we live in alignment with this power  for purposes beyond just personal gain….and that’s what I’m  most interested in…..coming from our real female nature as  women and living in harmony with nature, with man, and 

together leading the coming generations into an aligned future that’s about valuing the sacredness of life.  

I believe we really do have the power to transform the world when we are tapping into wisdom from beyond the edge, and that does look different to the hype of feminine embodiment, so lets get into it with the following episodes.  

I hope this audio diary moves something in you of your own aliveness, and tune into the show notes to see how to connect if you feel inspired to explore Tigress yourself if you are a woman and anyone is welcome to get in touch to share how listening has touched you in some way - by leaving a review, and that helps get this podcast circulated, so then you in advance!  

May we all remember who we really are as divine sovereign beings of Love & Truth on this Earth, having a lot of fun along the way, relentlessly as women disrupting the matrix just by living in the fullness of our true feminine glory. 

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2 thoughts on “Episode 00 – Welcome to Diary of a Tigress”

  1. Dear Devashi, I thank you for such clarity into ‘Tigress’ and what she offers. It resonates completely with me. I have been around the world of spirituality since a young woman and now at 61 my path is of course still moving forward. It speaks so much to me on many levels and particularly through my old way of teaching/ sharing/ and learning from the heart chakra up really. Grounding and Feminine Embodiment being quite different. Integrating all of myself into the whole, rather than plucking only the ‘good parts’ into my spiritual work. After completing the Mastermind Leadership journey last year I feel full, rounded and a whole lot more sensual again. My trust is deeper, my connection to myself hence Source is louder.
    Tigress is an exciting journey I will return to again and again, for the rest of my days. A deep sense of love and gratitude to you Devashi ❤️🍃

    1. This is amazing news Prema, you’re such an amazing role model in this world with your courage to keep exploring. It’s an honour to feel your energy in the community xo

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