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DoaT 002 - Women Are Portals

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Women Are Portals

Diary of a Tigress | Episode 02

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You see something amazing inside, an incredible possibility that takes your breath away for a few moments, because it hits THAT zone - you know that zone that has you feel a whole body, whole being YES yes yes yes yes yes that’s what I would LOVE!

Your YES brings that vibrational frequency of what you just felt or saw was this higher dream for you, back into the ordinary awareness. Then it’s your undivided YES that keeps that quantum door open as you listen, follow and act on the internal nudges to make it a reality…..IF you follow it above all else.

HI everyone thanks for joining me in episode 2.

When it’s clear that a vision or a desire you received is coming from a higher place, that you have gone beyond your programming to open a quantum door that’s about raising yourself to a higher standard - that’s a particular kind of feeling - it’s like an extension of your Soul speaking to you from beyond the world of form. And I believe it’s our natural capacity as women to become familiar with knowing how to go beyond the everyday world to experience intimacy with what else is possible for us in life.

I ended the last episode by saying that nothing gets through into this human physical dimension without a woman birthing it or nurturing it into being somehow.

The truth is we are energetic portals - we women are gateways to the living world. We do that with birthing humanity physically, and as miraculous as that actually is - this birthing of creation, of life through us, it’s not just about children. We are made of primarily Sophianic substance that brings life into form - have you really thought about how incredible that is?? A lot of people haven’t and there are reasons why we don’t perceive as ourselves as we actually are…

Did you know that 650 million women & children alive today were married before the age of 18? Did you know we are living in a world where at least 17% of the reported global female population are subjected to conditions that are against basic human rights - without education, and without autonomy, including body autonomy, & there are much worse conditions going too.

It’s partly because of knowing about the hidden / not so hidden anti-life agendas in the world, and how hard life is for so many humans on this planet, that I believe so strongly, that those of us who who have at least basic human rights must learn how to rise out of our mediocre realities, to not only make our own dreams come true, but also to keep those benevolent quantum doors way open, making it easier for others to also walk through for themselves.

It might not be a world saving kind of vision that comes, but even just the smaller things that elevate our experience of life are part of re-aligning us with being able to trust this innate role we women have as portals to this manifest world.

If you are a woman with her heart open, and her feet on the ground, caring about this living planet we are all on, and you are educating yourself beyond the dominant narratives - the more you call yourself into your higher path, the more you will be living in the kind of alignment that it takes to entrusted with a bigger vision that could be about serving the greater whole in a more direct way.

It likely starts with something personal to you - and rising to meet yourself in a way that transforms your self respect and perception of you……and it’s a process of merging with your soul - to let your consciousness ground into your every day human experience.

At first it’s likely to be what frees you and elevates you, so you lift yourself into the frequency of your dharma, beyond just playing out your karma. Because even if the transformations you experience are just for you for a while and it seems no one else directly benefits from it - you have become a living possibility for others to receive their version of that for themselves. That experience in vibrational energetic reality is real and it does uplift others, whether you share about it or not.

I myself am an example of this because where I came from, I was a statistic on a few levels - and according to linear reality, I should not be where I am in life, with the amount of freedom & self generated income that I have, so much about my life doesn’t make sense when you know about where I came from - so I know very well the truth of these words - that when we tether to something higher, everything can and will change, to align to that higher reality.

In the past I suffered a fair bit, but then I refused to accept my circumstances as reality - I said no to what was laid out for me following family karma AND I also said yes to the feeling of what I believed and knew to be true inside - there were many years when no one around me confirmed what I felt to be true, to believe in what was possible for me with me - there were many years when it felt so hard, so impossible, so out of reach - there was no tangible evidence for it at all. It was entirely the flame within me that oriented me towards what I now have and who I now am. Desire sparked faith and I nurtured that flame, I dedicated myself to it, I nurtured that faith, that desire until it manifested through me.

E.g. There was no social conversation going on about being an entrepreneur back when I was 17 starting my own business - I didn’t even know that I was until years later, all I knew was that I had healing gifts that were always there and I found a vehicle to channel that through massage and reiki, and a natural therapy clinic that I was invited to be part of was operating in a self employment model and people appreciated what I shared with them through my presence, instead of attacking me for it - in fact they paid me and I was able to be self employed at at time when it was pretty unusual to do that.

I was just following the next step that felt like alignment, I didn’t have an agenda to work for myself gaining years of experience working with people in therapeutic ways that would lead to countless testimonials and confidence as a teacher, therapist and mentor - that just happened along the way. I didn’t study or explore what I did with any agenda to would eventually lead me to be a catalyst in a worldwide movement, it just happened because I kept saying yes to walking through the challenges, into the unknown next level doors, walking through the fire because to me the alternative was much more scary - because staying the same as my programming was not what I wanted for myself.

I believe we can all be exceptions to our programming, no matter what it is. The more we bring in the presence of trusting in the portals we are, the more we orientate to that wisdom from beyond this world. To live by it, to be lead by it.

If you are a woman who believes in your empowerment, if you believe in the power of the Feminine itself; then you follow the magnetic force of your non linear desires and you trust it and allow yourself to be moved by that invisible force into more of who you are, even though you can’t see it all yet, even though you don’t have proof or evidence yet of its success - a woman doesn’t see the baby yet when it’s in her womb and it’s not physically obvious yet, but she knows and can feel it’s there, that she is being changed by it. Assuming she really wants that baby, she goes about preparing for its arrival, preparing herself and clearing what’s in her environment inside & outside that is not aligned to the reality of having a child. She’s becoming a mother before she actually is officially a mother.

To me devotion is like that - being willing to listen, trust and act until that vision becomes a living reality that we embody for real.

If you say you are a woman who believes in your empowerment and the power of the Feminine but you don’t actually trust your own experience of this magnetic pull when it calls you…….then you are experiencing a split that I believe is coming from trauma & from the hold the false matrix world is having over you……you are aligned with your mind on some level because you want something more for yourself, but you block the full body YES in your emotional body and you block it from entering your physical reality. You maybe like the idea of devotion but you aren’t open to actually feeling it. You want to stay in the familiar, the known, the places you don’t want to continue with but at least you have control over it so you keep choosing it, as though you didn’t have a choice…. but we do.

Following the unknown is not comfortable although we can learn to feel comfort in the unknown, which I’ve spent a lot of years in my life learning to do so that’s why I know it’s possible.

If you are a woman who is sensing a higher possibility for you, but you aren’t leaning into it, and you are continuing to tolerate what you no longer want even though you are aware of what else could be happening instead, here are some questions for you:

When will you let yourself be a clear conduit, an open channel for that higher dream to actualise itself through you?

What would be the impact on you if you did allow it? How amazing are you wiling to let yourself feel? Will you let yourself receive all that beauty, that elevation?

What would be the effect on others/ on the world/ on other women and girls to see you being that devoted to your dreams?

The truth is, we are divinely designed to be conduits, to experience ourselves as portals to the manifest world, bringing through us what is meant to uplift humanity to higher standards in every possible creative way, infinitely!

We are capable of seeing so much beauty and having visions of what we could be, BUT then the unconscious mind programming can step in, showing where you go to sleep to the active participation it takes to fulfil your role as a divine channel.

I’ve learnt a lot about how the unconscious mind works at this point, and to put it simply, it’s like a copy machine. It replicates more of what’s in our inner and outer environment, whether we are trying to manifest it or not….and so we need to be connected to something beyond the environment & pattern that in to the level of our the subconscious mind.

When I hear women say “every desire in me was planted by God, all that I want is divinely aligned”……I know too much about the power of the unconscious mind and about the intentional mind control on humanity, to say a statement like that is true at all times….. I mean the repetitive visual impressions from media are designed to imprint us with desires that are not coming from an authentic place. There’s a very different energy to it when it’s come from continual repetitive visual imprints of media and movies, driving you to want things that have you end up looking like ad sounding like everyone sees.

But when it really is coming from a higher place and it really is for you, it either just comes or enters in when the veils between the worlds are so thin during menstruation or other altered state experiences, when coming from a place of embodiment and deep connection with ourselves - those visions I believe are more trustworthy.

I don’t believe that God is always responsible for that desire you might have for a Hérmes Birkin bag, but the FEELING you have about respecting yourself, loving yourself and raising your standards, to trust yourself, to believe in yourself - yes that essence is definitely from a higher source.

or if it’s genuine for you that you really do desire that gold Cartier love bracelet as a symbol that elevates you every time you see and admire it on your wrist - then totally do that - and thoroughly enjoy every moment of it right,
Just know it’s about what the symbol reminds you of that’s powerful - which is that YOU are powerful, not the bracelet as status symbol, YOU dared to walk through a quantum door, you dared to experience yourself as the portal you are, you dialled into your direct divine connection and that is what really uplifts you every time you enjoy what you managed to elevate yourself into. THOSE ones, those dreams, those visions, that level of heart/ soul knowing I do believe is put there by God.
I know for sure that Tigress is an alchemical experience that takes women there, to feeling direct divine connection, and so do the natural experiences our female bodies go through in life, when we approach them consciously - they become opportunities to enter into the extraordinary, the mystical, the inspired, the place of direct divine connection, but with Tigress you don’t need to wait for menstruation, childbirth or incredible mystical sex for those doors to open.

I know for sure that Tigress is an alchemical experience that takes women there, to feeling direct divine connection, and so do the natural experiences our female bodies go through in life, when we approach them consciously - they become opportunities to enter into the extraordinary, the mystical, the inspired, the place of direct divine connection, but with Tigress you don’t need to wait for menstruation, childbirth or incredible mystical sex for those doors to open.

I allowed myself to dream with it a while, so the full vision was eventually shown to me, which includes how it’s not just for me, it’s potentially opening a new paradigm in a certain way for other women too but in a different way than before. The seeing between realms for me it’s like a different aperture of consciousness opens up, to perceive something that did not yet have a place in where my thoughts could reach to, until that very moment.

And once saying yes to what I’m seeing and sensing, the aperture inside opens right up like watching a movie coming from inside - I can tell when pieces of it are intentionally inspired by aspects of what does already exist, but it’s also quite remarkably different, coming from the purity of my pineal gland’s vision…..that’s how it’s meant to be by the way, not that we just enact what gets programmed into our pineal glands from the various agendas around us, but that we download divine movies that we then stream though us as channels!

THEN about my vision received, it had my human self face the familiar places of - oh I could have this, really?? I could really feel THAT good? Like is it allowed to choose this for me?? to rise myself up to that place? Other people can have that, but I could have that??

And it makes me laugh because it’s the same kind of stuff for all of us that needs to be overcome every time, with love and attunement in that conversation between the multi dimensional higher self and the human self who can feel small.

For me this recent vision requires learning things I don’t yet know how to do, it means going beyond my familiar reality, it means making mistakes and probably having lots of trial & error along the way, and possibly failing. But when I have a clear vision, fear of failure doesn’t register as real to me, because I know that when I’m dedicated to something I am relentless until it actualises because I invest my energy into it, so it can’t not happen. And if it doesn’t happen, it’s simply because I chose not to focus on it.

With this vision for me, it’s not a quick kind of coming to fruition vision, it is going to take time especially because it involves other people. But the new reality is so clear, the rightness of the feeling is so present & basically it feels like it brings more love, beauty and permission for women to reclaim feminine wholeness, into the world in ways I really want to see happen, so I now just be who it takes to let the vision come alive through me, and keep the good feelings about it alive like a romance, shifting my thoughts and feeling towards myself to align to it more, and keep fanning the flame… because I already said yes to this.

My main message today is that we women ARE portals - energetic gateways for what exists beyond the physical realm. We are wired for it as though it’s actually part of our physiology, because it is in the energetic sense. So much time, money and intent gets invested into keeping women occupied with illusionary concerns that keep us from remembering who we are. What I have to say is we can cleanse your psyches to be clear conduits, so you can birth divine visions & simply become available for the great work that wants to happen through you. True authentic desires are there for good reason.

It might sound too mystical or out of reach to some, but I see being magical is actually our most natural state, and our true place as women in this physical world. We already were born to experience this - you already have it - there’s no need to distance yourself from what you already have, and what you already are. We are conduits for cosmic energy like that, primarily for the frequency of Great Mother Sophia or the feminine force of God, simply be being here in female form. Imagine what would be possible if we became more interested in that than in being passive vessels for programming that doesn’t have our well-being in mind.

Let me know if this sharing has moved something in you, and if you want to be part of conversations about these episodes it’s just staring to happen in my private women’s community group on Facebook - you can find the group link in the podcast information section. If you want to connect I’ll see you there & thanks for listening.

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