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DOAT 004 - the feminine frequency

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The Feminine Frequency

Diary of a Tigress | Episode 04

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It might be quite obvious that I do specialize in working with women, and today I want to share about feminine frequency which is more of the planetary collective experience that we're all going through, that it's not just about women.

Okay, welcome to episode 4: Feminine Frequency. Now there is an understanding about this that I do relate to women and women's bodies. But there's a particular way that I want to speak to it today for elaborating on a post that I wrote recently online that really touched quite a few people. Because this really is a planetary organic essential ascension process. And you know no matter what ends up going on, this is the backdrop to it all. This is in organic reality, a huge galactic process that's taking place. And that you know ripples down all the way through to the social layers and the extremely personal multidimensional layers of all of us, no matter our gender.

So, this planetary feminine awakening is for all of humanity. Harmonizing with the cosmic feminine is coming to see the places in between. The feelings between the words, the energy exchange beneath the illusionary in the dialogues. Acknowledging the existence of quantum frequencies from the void of space and passing through whatever it takes to go beyond logical linear perspective as the only or as the dominant way. This is the massive transition that we are all in and no one, no one is exempt from some pretty immense personal transitions that have to happen huge changes and transformations to harmonize with what is becoming a more unified but firstly highlighting and bringing feminine frequency more into focus.

I wonder what you think of when you think of when you hear the words feminine frequency in terms of it being something that all of humanity is experiencing whether they like it or not. And as I mentioned this is beyond human gender. It's also beyond any interfering agendas that want to distort the organic ascension process that our planet is going through.

The feminine awakening really has us, really is embracing us fully now. And we either learn to go with it because it's a big adjustment everyone. And that also does include women who value and who are already involved in deep feminine work. I'm observing this in myself and the women that I've known for years. There're still huge transitions that we're going through. So, imagine how incredibly disorienting and destabilizing it is to have our quantum level, coming from the invisible levels first, having that reconfigured on a huge collective scale and the people whoever they are that haven't been connecting with nature, that haven't been in touch with their bodies, that haven't been interested maybe in valuing emotion in understanding how to work with feeling.

Because this is an organic technology. It is extraordinarily powerful. And the dominant paradigm that has been on earth for thousands of years now has you know, I can't even find the right words to say how drastically, greatly undervalued the feminine frequency that I'm talking about today has been throughout the past few thousand years you know. And so, what that can look like as an example in the world today, someone who is supposedly, apparently very successful, very successful I mean, they mostly got there by completely suppressing and denying and shutting down inner harmony with their feelings and with their emotions and all of that connects to.

Because it's not just about human emotion, it's about the sematic instinctual connection, it's about our intuitive abilities, it's about our spiritual or soul level of ourselves. You know, so what has been the highly highly successful person in the world that, the type of world that we are all born into, looks like someone who totally dominates their inner feminine reality to a large extent in order to get ahead, in order to just relate to this world as a very physical only experience that is driven by logical linear perspectives that do not take into account what else is happening on other dimensions of our being right?

Like it's about money, it's about power, and money and power are not wrong and bad, that's not what I mean, but when they are so dominantly in focus in very physical ways that don't also elevate feminine frequency at the same time, that's created an enormous mess and a very precarious environmental situation because of the level of disconnection from the earth. I know, I do understand that there are a lot of people who don't believe that global warming is real, and I feel like what I'm saying here actually transcends whether that's accurate or not about global warming. The fact is, you know the world as in, not the human experience of the world, but the actual earth is changing enormously. You know, in terms of species going extinct, and just in terms of not factoring caring about our environment, having no idea, how to work in harmony with the power of the elements okay?

So, people who've been in highly, highly successful, or so-called successful positions in this world, born into those families or self-generated you know immense levels of multi, multi-millionaire, billionaire level of wealth, what often goes with that is a pretty intense disconnection from human feeling, from their own bodies, from their own extra sensory capacity.

And so, anyone who hasn't been already at this point in time, we're now in 2021, anyone who hasn't already been honoring and valuing the role of the outer and inner feminine frequency of life, of creation are going to be feeling this really strongly right about now, and in the coming years because there is such an incredible, incredible transition that we're all going through of learning how to, it’s like acclimatizing to, navigating through life in a different way. Because the more feminine frequency which has been sort of pushed into the background is now naturally coming forward like these big waves of invisible energetic current and so many people are jumping on that wave. Like when I say so many because I tend to have those people around me, but it's still you know, a pretty small percentage of the population at the moment, but that will change for sure you know.

And let me give you an example you know, normally maybe you and I haven't been so extreme in shutting out our inner world and our human emotions, although everyone does to the extent that they do, because that's our conditioning and that's our programming, and that's why healing and therapy and coaching are so valuable right. And so, we all have done that, but just because it hasn't been happening to a really, really extreme extent, it doesn't mean that there isn't going to be a huge transition for you in the way that you've been operating, in the way that you've been navigating your life. And you and me and all of us right, and so where we've been living in the context of the world that has a certain kind of masculine energy dominance, and I really am not saying that masculine energy is wrong or bad in any way, but when it is so dominant that it's suppressing the feminine life force and the actual frequency of deep feminine, that is unbalanced, that is unhealthy, that is going to have consequences. Because you know the creation frequency itself is union of masculine and feminine working together, not just in the world but within ourselves. And so, when we get born into a world that has been dominated by you know, certain qualities of masculine energy to the detriment of their feminine, then we get indoctrinated into operating in that way even if we don't want to be. And it's a big process to be deconditioned out of that. And I know that intricately in my own journey, and also from guiding thousands and thousands of people for quite a lot of years now.

And it's a huge and magical and incredible process. And at this point in time, where are we in June 2021, there is so much more ease in being able to get on the wave of the new current. I say new because it's like newly being integrated into the world as we know it, into experiencing ourselves the way that we've known it. And some of the biggest differences are, rather than just yeah, running on intellectual perspective on something, the feeling and sensing levels of reality it's like someone's turning up the volume on a cosmic level. And so, all of this is now just so much more obvious. And I remember people talking about this 30 years ago, and it's totally happening and it's just wild actually, so wild to have you know being informed about that and be alive living now in this massive you know transition time.

And so, like I just said before you know, people can't hide behind what might make sense on paper, and what they might be able to explain logically, if their energy is saying something different. Because everyone's ability to perceive that invisible energy is being amped up, and it is so freaking exciting. Because it requires us to come into a greater level of authenticity with ourselves. So that we can harmonize with each other as well. Because the ability to just be able to perceive incongruency is going to increase a lot you know. And when people think that what they're thinking and how they're feeling isn't visible to anyone else, it's not true. In my reality it's never been true.

I mean, I don't know if you relate to this, but since a child I can read energy patterns in people. I just came into this life like that. And I do believe that children are doing that all the time right. But I never stopped it, I didn't lose it and then have to reconnect with it later, it's just been there strongly the whole time. Like being able to even visually see energy current patterns and being able to notice you know, what's going on physiologically in someone on an emotional and energetic level, and being able to read into what's happening without even trying to by the way.

And so, this experience that I for example have had my whole life, and possibly you have as well is going to just be happening for all of us more and more and more and more and more. And so, leaving, trying to leave this on the shelf, trying to shove things under the rug because you don't want it to be seen, it's not even possible moving forward right. And so, the inner reality must become congruent with the outer reality. And one of the biggest factors for this evolutionary process to happen in the most beautiful way that it could be happening is that we don't depart from our embodied organic reality meaning that we don't allow ourselves to be overrun by artificial means.

And I won't go off on tangents talking about examples of what that is, but if you know, you know. If you've looked into a few things, you're probably already having a few examples, a few varieties of what those things could be passing through your mind right? And so, the more we stay connected to organic reality, the more that we don't interfere with the divine technology of our sensory experience of our source connected you know, divine human form. And we don't interfere with the organic nature of that. That's when these abilities are even more enhanced. But let me not go down the artificial intelligence tension right now. And come back to just really being in awe with you for a moment about this prevalence coming in of the feminine frequency for all being on earth and beyond you know.

And some more examples of the changes what that means for us on a daily level in life you know. It is following our real inner impulses which is sometimes described as desire or the voice of your soul or you know the deep, deep, deep inner knowing but no longer kind of acknowledging that, but not acting on it. And leaving it until later and the later never comes. That is going to be like erased, moving forward.

Right, and a lot of people are experiencing it right now. And it is a quantum life change. You know, it's like we are very analogue mode only when we're just so dominant in our logical linear brain only, and that is the leading throughout our lives. When we are operating and navigating through life from that perspective, we are literally pushing down the magic and the power and the beauty and the natural place that our inner feminine, and I mean primal feminine and cosmic feminine both we're pushing that down and not allowing it to take its rightful place in our lives.

And when we do them, the quantum shifts are freaking instantaneous, it's not a huge long arduous process, it's about when we come to really get how our feelings are not only important and valuable, they actually create the experience that we're having in the third dimension from a more fourth, fifth beyond dimensional lace into the physical third dimension.

And you know, the way that your life path, the way that your trajectory in life, the way that your timeline can just pivot and change to align with this high frequency consciousness by allowing the feminine frequency to really take I'm gonna say her place in your life woman or man, whoever you are. It's super, super exciting. I'm here for this, like I literally came here for this. I really do believe. And it is about trusting. It's hugely about trusting. It's about flexing those muscles to listen to our intuition, to build incredible rapport and relationship with our inner world and realize that our dream level and our hearts desire, it's not meant to be something that gets left on the shelf. It's actually meant to be a huge part in leading us through our lives and in saying all this please don't think that I'm negating the value of logic and linear reality. Because thank God, the masculine principle is here please. I love it. I appreciate it so much. I value it a lot personally myself.

But I know that when that's the only thing running the show, oh my gosh. We are just you know, pales in comparison to who we're really meant to be, and everyone knows that. All the people that I've worked with for so many years, women and men, we all know what it's like when we're really in the zone, really in the flow. This is one expression and this is a way of explaining rather of when the feminine frequency is allowed through you. So, there are hundreds of examples I could share but one of them that happen really frequently, and it's not even the main focus of what I teach about, but it is a very common consequence of the people that end up working with me you know, because they get catalyzed into their authentic inner and outer alignment in ways that are not logical. And they often will not make sense on paper and yet it freaking works. Because they are experiencing it, they are feeling it, they're watching their whole world change.

When they learn to understand that this power of navigation through feeling that we all have, it's like instant manifestation almost in some situations, and it will eventually probably be just that you know. We are truly far, far, far more magical than we've ever realized. And to me female embodiment practice is about being gateways for that. The more socionic essence and coherence moves through us as individual women into this world, the more we are weaving the actual cosmic, feminine, primal feminine frequency into this reality. And it does reorientate people of where they're coming from, in whatever it is they are choosing to do in their lives and actually building a relationship with it, trusting it like I mentioned earlier.

And just, it's like nothing necessarily from the outside in towards them what's happening in a very different way. But you perceive it differently. You allow yourself to feel what you really feel and straightaway you can make a decision, and you can make a choice that gets you out of like a holding pattern like a stagnant loop that you might have been living in for 15 years right.

It's absolutely incredible, and like nothing externally outside had to change to make that happen. It was literally all internal realignment and the power of that. So, when we reconfigure from the inside it has very physical, very third dimensional outcomes you know. Yeah, like women I know that have been serving you know people in the world in profound ways but working in a system that also does not value this feminine frequency at all and overworks everyone and doesn't take care of them and you know they burn out. There's so many professions, there's so many pockets of society where that's going on. And so, people can't sustain that. They need to get out of being in these environments and being in these roles that are just causing them to keep their real life and their real authentic connection with themselves in the freaking corner.

And so, when I come across women like this, and they start realizing how quickly their lives are starting to change and it's seriously all about a sense of permission, like giving ourselves permission to realize that wait, I could just be living this whole thing over and over another 5 years, another 10 years, you could right. You are a resilient person probably, you are a dedicated person, you care about what you do. But do you also care about your quality of life? Do you also care about your inner alignment and how much more effective you can be in assisting other people when you are free? Because that's like exponential. And it takes so much courage. Oh my gosh it takes so much courage to depart from navigating through life in the old way. And it takes whatever it takes for you, and it honestly doesn't need to take a whole lot of time. Time is not really the thing. Time changes, our experience of time changes through really inviting in the power of feminine frequency. It's a quantum, experience and that changes our literal timeline you know. And so, I just felt to connect with you today on this topic because my gosh, we are being flooded, we are being absolutely flooded inundated with these higher dimensional planetary cosmic feminine frequencies. And I do recognize that it's very scary for people you know, to the point of, because there's been so much pushing down and holding back and suppression of their feelings, of their real inner truth, their real inner experience. And they've put it all on to the physical, all onto the outer, all onto their status, all of those things.

Their value is attained from all of those external sources. It's a huge transition to deeply anchor inside and to be living life from a completely like 180-degree kind of difference. And even more different than that is literally another dimension and integrating that into this third dimension.

There are people who as they experience this will be feeling like they've got all sorts of mental health problems. Because what happens when you start well because you want to, or you have to right? It happens through illness, it happens through difficult life situations, relationship break down you know, no longer being able to run the business because of burn out. All of those things are just catalysts to direct us to what else is possible and to show us. Because life is always wanting to show us how to be in resonance with the living truth. And it takes so much to tether to that as the truth. You know, when people say oh, I got to go back to the real world, it's not the freaking real world. It's an artificial construct. It’s man made, it's not organic, it's not supported by the higher forces and that's why it's crumbling. And as that happens on such a big world scale level, individual people are experiencing that immense transformation inside of them.

And while people are not knowing how to connect with all that they've pushed down inside, there's gonna be, there's a lot of people freaking out basically. There's a lot of people being medicated because they don't know how to handle their human emotions, they don't know how to handle the sensory power that comes with all of that. They don't know how to make friends with their instinctual intelligence, you know. And their intuition and their inner knowing that's always speaking to them and always being speaking to them can make them kind of feel a bit crazy. But what's going on is possibly depends on who's listening right. In a lot of cases, you don't need to be medicated through this process. It's just about understanding how to find wholeness. And to understand how to make a bigger space for your inner experience. And the more you value that, the more of a relationship you can build with that, the more it's going to be easier to feel all that you feel and catch up on all that you have pushed down when we're not at this level of realization yet.

And so, when that's been happening for someone for 10, 20 or 30 years or even a couple of years, whatever their age whatever their life journey has been, when something's been pushed down for so long, there's gonna be a period of time where you're in a massive detox process mentally, emotionally and physically and energetically all happening at the same time. Because you need to get it out, you need to be able to stop holding on in your body to what is meant to be moving through you with ease.

And so, there are a lot of people that are going to need support. And it's no coincidence that the popularity in the coaching space has just you know, massively opened like it's a huge growing industry, one of the fastest growing industries I believe. And yeah, it's no coincidence and it's a fantastic thing that it's happening because people need help. People are looking for guidance. People are drawn to people that they sense know how to hold what they've had a lot of difficulty in being able to hold. What no one else around them has been able to validate, to help them feel not crazy as they depart from the false world matrix. Because that's a real thing. The departure is a real thing. And it really can make someone feel like they are personally going insane in the process to a degree.

And so that's why I think it's important you have a conversation like this out loud and talk about the much deeper layers of this with women that do training with me and go on deep journeys with me in what I offer right. But I love this being a little bit more of a social conversation these days. Because the way that the world has changed, and the way that it looks like it's just going to keep continuing in a certain way you know, we just have such enormous opportunity right now to be able to harmonize with ourselves and support each other to keep moving forward with the new energies that are here to elevate us and bring us back to wholeness and show us how to work with the divine source frequency of the unified field through us and though our bodies.

It's the most incredibly adventure, oh my god. I love everything about it. There's so much chaos in it too, and that's just all part of what I embrace you know. I actually love, love, love being in the deep end of consciousness expansion with people when they are learning to trust who they really actually are. And with all the meltdowns, with all the breakdowns, with all the freaking out and grief and anger and all that's been pushed down, all that's been suppressed, every bit of it is okay. Every single bit of it. And we need safe places, and we need sacred spaces to help us to calibrate this huge enormous massive transition that we're all in and it's very real, it's very challenging when it's challenging and it's also incredibly exciting.

And so, I hope this has moved something in you and sparked something in you and maybe I'll leave you with something to relate to yourself. Because I know that there is no one that's exempt from this constant transformative portal that we're all moving through right now even if you feel like you've been extracting yourself from the false matrix for a long time now and you feel really free. You know, to someone who feels like they're really locked in to the need for external validation and external security through a job that is kind of sucking your soul and you know, all of the different variety of experiences that we're all having right now no matter where we're at.

There is a challenge that life is bringing to us, to call us into deeper harmony, to call us into being more of a conduit to allow the planetary feminine frequency to move through us in our lives in the way that that's ready to happen next. And so, what is that place for you, what are the places for you? Is it about intimacy and relationships? Is it about your emotional wellbeing? Is it about your creative capacity and your expansion and the way that you approach that is a time to no longer make the linear survival security orientated decisions absolute truth? And is a time to allow yourself to be moved by real authentic true desire that can completely change your life in the space of a few minutes when you learn to trust and decide to follow it.

And that's a great example of masculine and feminine inside of us working with each other really well. It's when that cosmic feminine frequency opens up and we get this glimpse of like this you know could be just so completely amazing, and then it's the decision to align your energy behind that and to allow it to come into being rather than talk it down and put it back on the shelf and make yourself wait for another 5-10 years. That's gonna get harder and harder to do everyone. Because this momentum that's moving through the planet which includes all of us, because we are a part of nature. The more this momentum is coming, the more important that it's going to be to be in a relationship with ease with the feminine frequency or it's going to be a rocky ride you know.

But very, very exciting nonetheless. So, I'd love to hear what this has touched on for you. And very soon I'm going to be beginning some community conversations about what these episodes are opening up in my women's private community group on Facebook so feel free to come and be a part of that, the links are in the show notes, and thank you so much for listening.

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