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Personal Ceremony

Diary of a Tigress | Episode 05

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Ritual is not something that we do just because we know about it. It really is about returning to our own direct connections with the living world.

Welcome back to the next episode. Everyone I've actually had some obstructions with being able to create clear recordings, but anyway, we're back. And today, what I would love to share with you about is seasonal ceremony and the value of this. This might be a shorter episode than before, by the way. But it's something that is very important. I feel it's something that I personally enjoy a lot and there are so many benefits to it. Yeah. So many benefits to it. And I get that initially, people might think that, you know, there there's rituals that they know about and therefore they think they should be doing them. And there's different terminologies and different cultures and different names to call things, um, to be able to acknowledge the alchemical components of, um, you know, casting circle, creating ceremony during rituals.

But the way that I like to do it is. Well kind of typical of, of me because I come from a very. Planetary or universal perspective, which is not just about, utilizing one earth cultures, way of being and names for, speaking ceremonies, for example, the different guardians and gods and goddesses and things. The way that I work with it, just like a do with the female embodiments. Is is coming from a very universal place. And what that also means is that it really is a lot of direct connection because it's about you as the light being human female animal that you are in connection with the living earth in connection with the living light of God, in connection with the sacred elements that make up the earth and the different guardians behind them and really just working direct with the sun central sun, greatest central sun, holy mother, holy father, Christo Sophia. It's very direct like that. And I keep it simple, not only so that the women that are wanting to learn about this from me can feel. Maybe more confident, um, to be able to do it themselves without immersing themselves for a long time in a certain indigenous tradition and having to have a lot of training in that before they feel like they can, have the blessing to work with this.

So I'm coming from a very. Place it in a guidance that is rooted in spiritual sovereignty as, as women of the earth and the stars, and just acknowledging where we are and acknowledging the energy. We are working with every day, whether we know it or not, and allowing that relationship to become more present simply through acknowledging it. And, so that's, that's how I like to share it because that's how I experience it is kind of simple, but very, very hard connected and, and very palpable. And, um, I'll share some of those palpable experiences in a moment. But firstly yeah, acknowledging the transitions that nature goes through that this living planet is going through. It is such a great mirror of our own inner transitions that we go through. As our consciousness expands in our lives, as we live and learn and grow over time, it gives us a chance to really reflect on our RN transitions and to take that to a deeper level beyond the physical planes so that we can really, harmonize with nature around us, but also with nature inside of us as well.

And my experience of working with seasonal ceremony like this is to feel the intelligence of the natural world, inviting us to reweave ourselves, back into the wholeness and you may have heard me mention, on this podcast. And if you're a woman who's been tuning in into the work that I offer, you know, that it's all about the restoration. It's a real embodied restoration about female wholeness as women. And in order to access that we do need to extract ourselves from the false world matrix to the full extent that we can.

But the point of, of doing that is to reweave ourselves, back into the wholeness. If we call it like the, the organic living matrix of, of life itself of, of God that is always present and is always the foundational reality underneath or behind. Any constructed world of the man-made world, which you and I, and everyone born onto this planet is also familiar with. And in this, we get to experience how nature is truly our greatest ally. And particularly in a time like this, where the hold of the control agendas in, in a world constructed world matrix, has a lot going on a lot of complexity, a lot of confusion going on. And so to ground ourselves in the organic energy matrix, olife itself. It's like we remember that our bodies are made up of the sacred elements of earth and air and fire and water. And there is a particular kind of grace of like a divine grace and a presence of protection that becomes available to us in abundance.

Especially when we can acknowledge the presence of the guardians, which is the, like the living intelligence, we're living consciousness behind each of elements. And this is something that obviously is going on all of the time, but unless someone is noticing it, actually failing it, receiving it, having a communication. With the elements with the guardians, with the planet, with our ancestors, ith all that we cost and how much that would reconfigure your energy field to bring you back into a secure connection with the living world, even through all of the stuff that be, constructed world is currently moving through and dismantling. It seems like a very part time to be grounded in this intimacy.

With the elements with the living natural matrix. And part of what I love about that is how divine organic reality connection is powerful protection. And it helps us to seal our energy fields from any energy harvesting, any siphoning, if you don't know what I mean, when I say that it's like, The way that your psychic energy, the way that your mental energy and your emotional energy through your endocrine glands can be, hijacked through different, momentums agendas in the world that don't necessarily have your wellbeing in the highest.

And that take takes quite a bit of self-awareness and inner awakening and like a devotional discipline to be able to stay aware to it, you know, stay awake to this, dance that is this divine human life, you know, and if you are a woman who wants to tune into this, direct intimacy, With nature with the elements, with the living reality, then, you might want to consider coming and experiencing, not only that, I mean a whole journey of, of Tigress as well, which has an incredibly potent practice. But yeah, having the option to join the seasonal ceremonies that come up every few months, there's quite a few of them throughout the. Timeframe of a whole year and we're going to be, um, doing a ceremony for each one. So recently we just did winter solstice. We're about to explore the Imbolc, ceremony coming up.

And the women that came to the last one, you know, really, really felt it, you know, and what I felt afterwards was without meaning to as well, which is always such a beautiful thing without trying to make anything happen or remember something it's just like a really, it's truly a living presence. You know, we're weaved differently. Our energy field is configured differently and how that was showing up for me, even, you know, several days after the winter solstice ceremony is I would just be, outside for example, and the way that. The wind, the air was speaking to me and all of the elements would just, it just, they all felt so much more alive. The communication felt much stronger. And I actually felt the, like a protective shield around myself. Another way that I could describe that is like a, um, like, like an installation, a barrier or layer around my fields that helped orientate and continues to, um, deepen and anchor and reorientate my attention to what matters most, which is, you know, the portal of right here and right now, and the fact that there is, just so much support, so much consciousness, living intelligence, so much protection, so much beauty.

Now, you know, with our connection with nature every single day. And the more that we notice that the more that we experience it, the more that we allow ourselves to open up and to feel it, the more we are coming into resonance. With that living intelligence. And so therefore the quality of your thoughts, the types of feelings and emotions that move through you are just more aligned and more harmonious and definitely a strong sense, a stronger sense of spaciousness to be able to really listen. So it helps drop. Um, awareness to a deeper level to, to be in this communication. And it's something that feels very beautiful. I could also describe it like an effortless kind of meditation. Like when you haven't tried to reach a certain state of consciousness, but it just happens because you are, you know, proactively engaging, yeah with. Living energies that are always there, but when someone isn't engaging with them, what's happening is that a lot of their energy and maybe even most, or all of their energy is plugged into the constructed world with all the different ways that that pulls on people's thoughts and emotions. And a lot of that just gets cycled through over and over and over again. It can tend to have, I've noticed it as a dis integrating feeling like actually taking energy, taking vitality or way if you have ever known the sense of depletion and exhaustion, you'd literally like something's taking pieces of you, that's actually happening. That's a real thing. And the opposite of this restoration that I'm talking about that comes through this direct intimacy and building this buffer, you know, between you and the constructed world.

I mean, obviously not all of that is, is like negative. If we want to say that about the constructive world, but the way that we move through that world is, is everything, you know, when we're serious about cultivating our inner energies so that we can be creating from a place of alignment in the world.

And so to realize that it's available. You know, the, the intimacy with God, with life, with the divine consciousness through nature that literally moves through the natural world and is always trying to reach us and connect with us. It's like, you know, someone trying to talk to you, someone trying to relate with you, but you just can't even hear it because the noise of the world is so loud. Takes all of your attention is very good at knowing how to take all of your attention so that there's not much left. And that comes to grounding and anchoring yourself as the conduit that you are between the world. So that you can actually experience an embodied sense of spiritual sovereignty. And I feel, I know that that is a very, very empowered place to be. And it's also. Simply our most natural state, but unless someone is deciding to become available for that, they aren't going to be experiencing it. And, um, and just on that, when we did the winter solstice ceremony, just recently with the Tigress community, deep practice group, you know, some of the women who are maybe less familiar with working with energy in this way, we're like, oh, I don't really have time. Maybe I can look at it next week. So the way that we're actually doing these is, is live. And I keep it up for, you know, maximum of six days, five days or something like that. And the reason for that is you actually need to, you know, and we all do. We need to humble ourselves and remember how important this connection with nature actually is. And so, no, it can't wait till next week because the energy of that transition for that ceremony to take place is a very particular timeframe. And, I liken it to, uh, the reorientation that a woman experiences when she decides to honor and respect and, you know, Give her body, the space that it needs while she's menstruating. Okay. And part of the, I mean, the, the biggest, value of a woman deciding to do that for herself, which is something I've been teaching and living for a very, very long time. In fact, my entire life, as a, as a woman in this, in this body ever since menstruation began, it's been something that I, You know, have needed to navigate differently because it was such a strong experience for me in my earlier years.

And so what that taught me to do was to prioritize the primal reality, of, of being a female animal and how that. Well, you know, from the start, by the way was opening me to some pretty expanded states of consciousness. And I valued it a lot. I think at the very start, it kind of scared me a little bit, but, that was when I was pretty young and it didn't take long for me to realize that it was actually an incredibly important time, even though there was no, uh, Nothing in the culture or family that I came from that mirrored to me that it was valuable to slow down, fully experienced that and, you know, answer into it. You don't just, you know, take some time out and stay home in bed and watch movies actually work with the energy. And so for me, I've been doing that my entire life with, with my blood time and what that has done and what I know it has done for many, many other women that have decided to do this through the Tigress community. It re-orientates you in your life. Because who you actually are, has a chance to, um, make itself known to you and to be part of your, you know, practical life and in all your relating or you're creating everything that you're doing in the world gets to have more of your full presence. And there's also a knowing that every single time that you honor it, meaning taking that space that you need when you need it.

Every time you do that, you are bringing more of the energy of, of the natural world into your experience, as opposed to overriding it, medicating yourself and pretending it's not there or not just, you know, rejecting it or avoiding it and not wanting to connect at all. Sorry, I like, again, the dicision to prioritize, being present for these transitions in nature, and to be part of a ceremony where you can experience yourself, being that conduit between the worlds to prioritize that. Even if you've got a busy schedule, I mean, just like with administration, actually you can know it's coming and decide to not book anything else in for that day in terms of a ceremony it's just one day or half a day.

And, uh, so especially when you know, it's coming, it's easy to do that, but also it's like, no, you can't watch the replay next week or a week after when your schedule is more free. It doesn't work like that. It's not a conceptual thing. The, the energy window. Of the transition, is that a particular time? And if you aren't present to that, you miss it.

And then you kind of just doing it more in your head or something like that, rather than working with the actual real energy. And that's the point, you know, that we need to learn how to make it important and decide that it is, and not until we do that. So we really get to experience the life giving, power.

And so yeah, when I do these ceremonies, especially because of different time zones and things, I do believe it up for, you know, maximum five days. And then it kind of disappears until we come together to do the next ceremony. So in terms of the replays and future women will be able to see those, but while we're going through the first year of doing it, Live together because it won't be every single year. Yeah. It is just for this year. Yeah, it's, it's a invitation to practice that devotional discipline. I tend to call it where, yeah, you decided to make it important. Sorry. The presence of the element. And the guardians, the consciousness behind the elements, the protectors of life itself show us the sacredness of life and how we can be experiencing that more on a daily level. You know, there's only a certain amount of these ceremonies throughout the year, but after each one, you get to ground what you connected with, you get to we've had a little bit more into your day. For example, if you. Really feel like you went there in your connection with acknowledging the guardians of the water and the element of water.

And you start to just notice the presence of actual water in your life. And you start to realize that you are actually interacting with them. Every single day, so many times a day, but if there's a mindlessness about it, if there is a taking it for granted, then you know, it's, it's really like just living in your mental body, living in your head rather than, you know, being in that feeling connection, which can only happen through our hearts. And so the more we engage, the more we decide to engage and to make it important, we get to experience that, yeah, that presence of, of the magic of life in the daily level, more and more and more. So you can actually increase that, you know, really turn up the volume on that so that you get to experience literally the sensations and feelings in your own body differently as well.

And there's just something incredibly empowering for a woman to be in her own ceremonial space on the earth, be in this direct communication with the living world. And I know that it can feel quite strong at first or, yeah, I mean, there's most definitely a big contrast, you know? Cause if you've, if you haven't been used to doing that in your life, then yeah. You'd most definitely going to feel the contrast of. You know, living in the world where it's all about, time and profits and productivity, and there's different things that are valued in the constructed world and not all of them are bad and wrong, but the orientation is very unnatural actually to us, it's very disconnected from nature.

And so rather than just kind of talking about or complaining about, you know, what the people that have come before us have done to the earth and how we didn't get taught these things and, um, you know, kind of blaming the. You know, the, the notorious big companies that damage the earth. If we only see it like that, and we don't recognize that, wait, wait, are you, am I, are we in connection ourselves in the way that we could be just because we chose to be. And are we creating from that place of being re weaved into the organic matrix of life? Because it's a very different experience of being alive. It's a very different experience of being in our female bodies when we have that intimacy. And it's just, everyone's birthright to be able to find, that this way of being as normal, you know, it's, it's not the norm, but it it's, it is natural.

It's meant to be normal and you can choose to have that experience. And so whichever tradition that you like to work with, and even women that already have a training or strong roots in a certain tradition, continue with what you want to do, you know, but the way that we're experiencing the seasonal rituals in the Tigress deep practice group throughout the next year, there might be something in the way that we do that, that really resonates with you. And you want to include that in the way that you already do ceremony, or maybe you've never done it before, or you've only ever done it with a big group on a special occasion. That's not something that you've really grounded. Into your own experience as a woman of living your life and you feel like, yeah, it would be really amazing to go on a whole year journey and yes, it's, it's guided.

Um, but you are also experiencing it yourself in the moment and being able to do it over and over and over again. So it starts to feel like, ah, it's getting normal to meet myself in this way. It's getting, um, you know, more comfortable to be in that high frequency of energy because it is, it's a different, very different experience of ourselves.

It's it's like a real remembrance of who we are at the true divine self level and, yeah, very human as well. Very high connected human, but also, definitely there's more energy that we can feel in our bodies, you know, like that divine electricity kind of sensation and, get to learn how to calibrate a higher frequencies of energy through ceremony. And, yeah, it's, it's a very, very, very special experience. I wish for everyone man, and woman to, remember. Their sacred connection with the earth, with the elements, with nature, with the guardians, with God in this way, and to make it real. And, you know what, it would be a very different. If more people chose to meet themselves in this way, because what we, what we would be then putting out into the quantum field would have a very different resonance.

And, yeah, so those that know me know that I, I do see and know a lot about what's going on in the constructed world, but ultimately the most powerful place that we can be is how we decide to be here. In amongst that and that, you know, it's a, it's a responsibility of, learning about something like this, for example, learning about how we can actually step in and change the story and to firstly, open ourselves up to experience that, to give that to ourselves and see the difference that it makes in your own personal life.

And, yeah, I think that it will, would help anyone to feel more confidence. In who they are and how they're showing up, you know, in whatever situation in their life, because you have more of you, you have more of your real frequency available to be moving through you. And speaking through you, creating through you.

And, you know, that that's the kind of empowerment that everyone actually really wants. And, you know, it's one of these things that it's just so funny that it's so available to everyone. It's, it's like it's free, not just this bonus of it being for a whole year journey free but you know, th this is like powerful, forgotten, embodied knowledge that hasn't really been passed on. And so if this is resonating with you and you are a woman who's already in the Tigress deep practice group, I really recommend, and you might be feeling the vibe of why it's important. And, um, if you are getting any inner guidance messages, listening to this, of how it might be relevant to you, that I really.

Encourage you to listen to that and to follow that. And if you're a woman listening to this who doesn't know what Tigress is, and you're not in the tiger stick practice group, um, go and check it out, follow the information that you will hear in a moment. And you could even just try it for a month. It's um, an annual or a monthly subscription. And you can come in for a month experience. The whole month of classes, there's actually six classes a month, but also a pretty big library. Now we've been going for over a year. And so all the recordings of all the classes that we've done in the past more than a year are available 24*7. And so it gives you a huge amount of support and guided practices to be able to connect with yourself as a woman, truly, and really be here, decided to be here for the embodied Ascension and, yeah.

You know, one more thing that I could say of the value of doing this, the benefit of doing the seasonal ceremonies is how that in a reflection of the different transitions that I mentioned at the start, it's like the perception of discordance energy. It's that go on in our lives? Like externally issues that come up with other people or situations.

So discordance, um, yeah circumstances going on, they really are emanations of what's being worked out from inside of us. And the more that we can attend to the inside of us. And reconfigure what energy we're putting out there and even clear and resolve open loops that are kind of pending from the past.

Ceremony is such a powerful way of being able to do that and to reposition yourself, anchor yourself, reorientate yourself in how you want to be now, who you want to be now. And like I said, you have so much extra support. We're not living life through your mental body only, and really letting your heart expand. And through there be able to feel for yourself. The living intelligence in nature and all of the divine support that's available to every single one of us. If we choose to tune into that. So I'm going to leave you with this today, and I hope it serves you. And I hope you get to experience at least one conscious ceremony. In the next year, if not all of them, because it's a really special, really beautiful experience. And I would love to hear any benefits that you receive from it as well.

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