Gold Yoni Egg


Gift yourself or someone special with the highest vibration yoni egg possible. These gold eggs are triple plated with 24 carat gold (non toxic) outside and inside they are solid (undrilled), pure silver. We use pure finest quality gold and recycled silver where possible. It comes with an instruction brochure, a beautiful reusable box, travel pouch and elegant brass stand, so you can enjoy its beauty when not in use. Due to the weight, these eggs are a little smaller than average size yoni eggs. The vibrations of gold (and silver), along with the weight is what makes this a yoni egg for advanced practice.

Due to the indigenous handmade craftsmanship involved, production is slower than can be expected for a mass produced factory, and so pre-ordering will be necessary at times. The gold plating will last 3-4 years with moderate use and must be handled very carefully to prevent scratches. Your gold yoni egg supports pelvic health and erotic embodiment, while also being an investment in precious metals that will only increase in value over time.

Note: Pure solid gold yoni eggs are also available for pre sale by request (USD $11K)