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Tigress Shop

Free Women's Community

Be part of the interactions in our women's community after podcast episodes in our free group on Facebook. This is also where active members get reminders about the live membership classes. Request to join and we'll see you in there.

Somatic Feminine Meditation Album

This unique approach to meditation for women is designed to suit your female physiology, made by the original Founder of Sacred Female Embodiment for women. Enjoy these body oriented meditations where you can download them and listen offline. It feels replenishing and deeply relaxing, supporting you to feel embodied in your feminine energy.

Tigress Deep Practice Group Membership

Dive into your own personal practice at home to explore somatic female alchemy with Founder of Tigress, Dévashi Shakti. Six different classes per month are part of the membership. You get Tigress Embodiment Elixir classes, Somatic Meditations, Community Mentoring Meetings, Tigress Teachings and Unconscious Mind Upgrade sessions. 

Free Resources for Women

Learn more about Tigress, what it's like to learn with Dévashi, and enjoy a free Sensual Rejuvenation class.

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