Tigress Gratitude

Tigress Gratitude

Tigress Gratitude


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"Wow! I started with no voice....

just movements that spoke back to me of all that i held sacred my pregnancies, births and even lovemaking ....And then I let go... It was like giving myself permission to express my very soul. It has given me profound understanding of the moments where my instincts take over.....I was not out of control....my deepest primal knowledge was in control and my body was doing what it was.... born to do. This experience opened me up instantly to reclaim this strength within me. - Jayne

"I finally got to do my first session today since signing up

I did the tigress intro session. Oooh la la I love it. I wasn't expecting to do some labia warming on my first date... excity! - Jacqui

"Through Tigress Yoga I have come to appreciate my vulnerability, softness and grounded wisdom as a woman

- all qualities that I hadn't cultivated through any other modality or life experience. Dévashi is a gentle but powerful teacher and I believe she has what it takes to change the world.” - Natalie

"It was such a beautiful experience!

I felt amazing afterwards and today I feel really at peace, mind isn’t running at a million miles. - Lauren

"I came to this practice after experiencing a long period of illness, sadness, and great emotional, physical and sexual blocks.

I felt like I was fighting a battle just to survive, and I couldn’t see my way out of. I had lost touch with myself, my body, my spirit. I didn’t know who I was, I couldn’t feel the essence inside of me. I thought intellectually that I understood so much, but I now realise I knew very little. My experiences were in my head, not in my body, not in my self, not in my spirit. I didn’t want to be in my body - it was a place of pain. And then I found new pleasures, slowly, I began to breathe into myself, experience myself anew. After my first Tigress workshop, I had profound, life-changing shifts. I opened myself to a new life, new people, new experiences. I opened my soul to change. I opened my body to receive and to heal. My whole world has changed as I have. I found a woman I didn’t know was there, she is beautiful, magical, and powerful. I discovered that spirituality isn’t a concept outside of us, it isn’t a belief so much as a practice, it is living and breathing and being. It is within us. My body became my divine temple, my sacred space, my sanctuary."

"Thank you. I am so grateful.

I was feeling so unsure of myself and thinking I was over reacting to my emotions as I am always told. But knowing that they are real and part of my femininity has given me the confidence to trust my emotions and in myself. I love the female animal inside of me. Thank you." - Sharon

"The focus of sensuality and sexuality with Tigress Yoga,

has the potential to unlock many caverns of injury and pain within a woman's heart, mind and body. A woman-only space is a safe space for the acknowledging, the embracing and the healing of anything a woman may wish to do. A woman also feels safe and confident to express her sensual side that emerges with Tigress Yoga.” - India

"Just did this online practice this morning...

grateful to have a little short one that i can squeeze in in the morning... it was perfect and very nourishing, thankyou x - Katie

"I didn’t know, and am still discovering what it really means to be Woman.

Through connecting with my body, my voice, my breath, my femininity, I have found I just want to learn more and more. As I unfold, like an orchid in bloom, I have found my periods have eased, I experience no menstrual cramps or pain, my hormones have come into balance, and I feel connected to the cycles of the earth. I have  become a woman I am proud to know. I have found that I love my body, I love connecting to it. My peers now describe me as ‘sensual’, ‘connected’, ‘in tune with your body’ and they tell me they are inspired by it. I never known such incredible sex drive! Such passion, grace, and power! Such enjoyment in pleasure- I once felt guilty for enjoying my body, now it is my greatest gift to myself, and to others. My life has opened as never before, as I never thought possible.” - Lauren

"I long to see the ancient understanding and embodiment of sensual feminine spirituality reawaken women’s true essence and power throughout the world and I believe Tigress Yoga has a significant role to play in the evolution of this.

I am overjoyed to be a part of this community of strong, sensual, connected and enlivened women. I feel the practice of Tigress Yoga has also served to take me into a deeper place of love that expands in me beyond the pains I have experienced. I am glad to have met this form that allows me to sink into the depths of my own mystical heart. My heart leaps with joy to continue this journey.” - Ruth

"The personal growth I have received from attending Tigress Yoga classes has been deliciously orgasmic.

This sacred body prayer has positively affected my life by opening my heart and body to a new level of awareness. At 56 years of age daily Tigress practice has facilitated a change in my feminine body and I can now enjoy multiple orgasms and cultivate a juicer side to my sensuality. Bringing a new level of intimacy between myself and my husband of 33 years. - Jenni

"I knew right then, in the middle of the thrusting of my pelvis and the moaning escaping my lips, that every woman must experience this!

Regularly! While this practice did not give me the full body intensive workout I have become accustomed to with Bikram, I knew intuitively that this practice provided women with something so unique, so lacking, so wanting! A connection with the sensual, sexual self - a part of our selves we keep shut down, except for the act of love-making.”

"Tigress yoga has brought my awareness back to my womb, given me permission to give her a voice, provided a space for here to be heard.

That has increased my awareness outside of yoga. As I return to the breathe of the belly, I start to walk from my womb, and my sensuality, and I notice how that changes my movement, my ‘flow’. Everything becomes slightly more delicious. I know I’m only touching the surface and I WANT MORE!”

"I love everything that is Tigress.

I see it as a true gift to Woman to be able to
enter a space & practice held by other women in deep love, presence & non judgment or competition. What I think is so powerful about this practice & movement is that it addresses a very real & raw need in women & greater humanity. I sense that so many women must enter into Shakti’s embrace through the eye of the Tiger 😉 & breathe a great sigh of relief. I certainly experienced this in my 1st class."

"When I read about the Tigress Yoga Vision & what that meant for our daughters… It just hit me.

I feel this community has real integrity, a powerful vision & is completely & utterly timely. I believe in it, I believe in community & I want to be part of it. I have never entered into any practice wanting to teach it but Tigress INSTANTLY resonated. I can honestly say that Tigress has helped me love & appreciate my body more consistently.”

“Having never tried Tigress Yoga before I wasn’t sure what to expect,

but at the end of the 5 day intensive I feel more open, grounded and connected to my body than ever before. Tigress is totally unlike any other form of yoga. It’s like a workout for your inner goddess, a practice to truly connect with and embody your own powerful feminine energy. - Natasha

"I was studying the info board at a festival, questioning aloud to myself, as I read "Tigress Yoga" - I had never heard of it!

A woman came up behind me and whispered in my ear "Have you done Tigress before?" I turned to look at her and said "No. Is it anything like Bikram? I need a good stretch!". She laughed and assured me it was nothing like Bikram and it was wonderful. She then dropped her voice and said "you'll come out of it wanting to root a tree." Needless to say - I was immediately on board! I'd never had the sensation of wanting to make love to a tree before, so I was determined to find out!” - Indi

"I have found Tigress to be hugely transformational and healing in my life.

It has been deeply healing for me, as it is my feminine that has been crying out to be heard. I particularly like the safe space that Tigress Yoga creates for each woman to experience her own truth. I have done much yoga over the years but I like Tigress Yoga the most for its allowing and releasing of the feminine. I think Tigress is what is so needed in today’s world to help heal and empower the feminine.” - Jane

"My own journey into the rediscovery and re-connection with my own wild, deep and nurturing feminine core began a little over two years ago

after reaching a point of despair and frustration in my life over it’s lack of reflection of my heart and my confusion as to how or what I was meant to be and what my purpose should look like. My masculine is well developed so it is the journey into the void of the feminine that I am committed to for myself and others. The freedom, the sense of unshackling I feel as my practice delves deeper urges me forward into more surrender. All women should feel this!"

“Devashi is an amazingly sensual woman who has inspired me to dive deeper into my divine feminine self.

She holds an encouraging, nourishing and supportive environment that creates a sacred space for all women to explore the infinite depths of their being. Tigress has invited me to access parts of my being that I had long lost touch with. I am constantly reminded of the power that lies within when I surrender to the moment and fully embody the woman I am. Here in these moments when I quieten my critical mind and let go of all my inhibitions, I reconnect with myself and embrace the source of all life and love. - Emily

"What a service you are offering to women, to humanity, Devashi.

That you have followed your own inner woman to develop this work and to develop it from such a young age blows me away. You are teaching women what women have forgotten to do - to follow their body in its natural rhythm and movement . What a gift! And I loved hearing how you found a pathway through menstruation as a teenager, to just follow the body with movement, sound and breath to release the pain. Women need to hear about this and if they choose, make it their daily practice. I feel it's important for women to know that there is nothing to go 'get' out there - that it is all in here, in our bodies. I feel that this kind of work will go a long way in allowing women to open up to their own 'natural' woman. Wonderful work.” - Janet

“Tigress Yoga played an instrumental part in helping me prepare for the most empowered, ecstatic experience of my life -the undisturbed birth of my second son, at home.

I continued my Tigress training well into my pregnancy, for as long as I felt to, modifying positions along the way with some guidance from Devashi. To me, Tigress Yoga lends itself extraordinarily well to birth preparation. It IS birth preparation. If you're not pregnant, you're birthing your self in many ways. Being such a feminine-centered practice already, for me to apply it to my pregnancy journey just made so much sense. These facets in particular stood out for me:


Nurturing the heart-womb connection took on a whole new meaning as I deepened the intimate connection to my baby growing within me. Which I believe helped me be more receptive to then having some extraordinary experiences of my son's consciousness interacting with mine.


Tigress together with my other preparations and experience with bodywork allowed me to find myself in exquisite connection with my body during labour that had me giggling between contractions, as I rode the waves of absolute pleasure and ecstasy that arose during my labour. I nearly surprised myself, when I heard myself at one point say, ‘This is so much fun!


All I can say is a woman's body has a treasure trove of untapped potential to turn what our society has been falsely conditioned into thinking is a fearful, painful experience, into the most transformative, empowering, and exhilarating process! Devashi speaks of "prioritising your pleasure"...Can you imagine doing this for pregnancy and birth? Deeply grateful to share, and be a part of this new story writing itself through our bodies. With love and
gratitude” - Catherine.

“The practice of Tigress Yoga for me is like walking into a sacred temple and having the sense of truly coming home.

My body breathing itself whole, connected to all that is …Sometimes my practice feels like stepping into a hot bath of melted chocolate, other times fierce in the knowing of tapping into something ancient … WOMAN! Elements of the Tigress teachings has overflowed into various parts of my daily existence, I am so much more tuned into my cycles & the depths of what my beautiful female body is capable of… bliss!”

“Being a performer and a creative coach I am all about connection.

What tigress yoga offers you is a deeper way to connect. It’s a deeper connection to you, to your feminine and from there anything is possible. I encourage all women of all ages to try this. It’s very powerful.”- Mary-Anne

This is the most nourishing thing I have EVER done for myself!

I did not expect that. WOW. Thank You!” – Nicole

“Tigress Yoga has been a gentle, loving and grounded container for exploring all parts of myself on a path of personal growth

- not just the "nice" bits, but also my fears, resistances, insecurities and how they play out in my day-today as a student of life and instructor of Tigress Yoga. In order to share the practices with other women from a place of fullness rather than depletion, it has meant that I constantly fill my own cup first. I love that Tigress Yoga is an invitation to trust my primal intelligence and surrender to that knowing on an ongoing basis, to learn self-responsibility and sovereignty, to soften open slowly and in a more meaningful way, and is not just a quick-fix approach which promises the world. In the end, I receive as much as I'm willing to put in so that my commitment to practising is quite plainly about self-love.

I feel eternally grateful to have found Devashi as a teacher and mentor for her profound wisdom and knowledge, her ever-loving presence to guide me on a personal and instructor level, while always working for the bigger vision of empowering women globally to reclaim their sovereignty. I feel deeply humbled to be a part of that vision.”

“My heart led me to Tigress.

I so appreciate having this beautiful practice in my life and the gifts it has given to me. I now love myself, it nourishes, nurtures, supports and feeds me. The practice has brought me into connecting more to vulnerability, my sensuality and sexuality. The alchemical aspect of Tigress has provided me with a home for myself and my daughter, a full time job and a beautiful connection with my daughter, which was strained before. It continues to transform me, allows my life to flow beautifully and allows me to follow my hearts passion, of holding space for women to connect with their beauty, power and feminine essence.”

"During my first Tigress Yoga Class something inside me woke up and started to enliven!

It was my divinity, that I'd kept small a quite, so as not to upset anyone. She had been calling me my whole life and I'd not know how to respond. This beautiful practice gave me the tools and space to soften and deepen into my self. It gave me the ability to feel GOOD, really good! And it gave me the courage to also feel all of my ICKYNESS. Thanks to Tigress I am developing an amazing ability to be profoundly loving of my humanity AND my divinity, at the same time. This is changing my life and, my relationship to myself, my friends, family, and work. I am so grateful!”

“I had never experienced a practice like Tigress Yoga before,

it had taught me to be gentle with myself and really be in touch with whatever I was feeling. For years I struggled dealing with grief and tried almost everything to deal
with it. But only through Tigress I have felt such deep healing that's unexplainable take place in the classes. It's also very comforting to share a space with woman that is safe, non judgemental and confidential.” - Sarah

To me the practice feels like coming home to myself.

I feel like I am taking up more space in my body afterwards. I thought I was a really grounded woman, but after this practice I realize how now it feels to REALLY take up space inside of my own body. Thank You! - Lisa

“I absolutely LOVE Tigress and everything that you are, Devashi.

“I absolutely LOVE Tigress and everything that you are, Devashi. This is the most unique feminine yogic practice, I have never resonated with yoga really, so it is such a delight to have found you. Tigress has helped me open my sacral/sexual energy centres in the most gentle and loving of ways, with effects such as greater pleasure, bliss: you won't be the same after you try it.“- Dr. Ezzie, Author + Love Coach

“I am completely addicted.

I did one series and then thought, yeah I’ll have some time off. Phew, after a few months away, I got perspective on how much Tigress Yoga keeps me feeling connected to myself. It’s good to be back” – Dominique

“Tigress practice is a ceremony.

The sacredness and self respect that comes from ceremony is what is really missing from our everyday lives. Ceremony to me is opening up my heart and soul and offering reverence and respect. When I am in the practice, I am offering that to myself” – Sarah

“I went into the course knowing that it would have a Tantric focus, of which I had some experience from personal reading, meditations & dance based events.

Different to Tantra, the Tigress experience was very personal and I loved that - while it pushed me out of my comfort zone to connect with parts of myself I've never acknowledged before, I felt safe to participate & express myself throughout. Tigress brought a sense of freedom & empowerment to being a woman.


From day 1, emotions came up & out! I felt lighter immediately - this course helped me let go of old limiting ideas and connect with some really good memories. Outside the practise, I was exhausted - processing a lot of stuff. I was pleased I didn't have to work & could just acknowledge it. It definitely peeled a layer off me (in a good way!) The thinking behind the practise is in line with my spiritual beliefs, so I hope to bring more of the scared woman into that everyday as a result of the intensive. I also have a way of expressing emotions from my body which feels great.


Tigress is not like any other yoga I've done before. Getting into new parts of my body released a lot of emotions and pain; when the event outline says this will detoxify your nervous system, believe it! It was also grounding and for me, something which is really important, safe. I'm wary of courses that open you up & throw you out into the outside world in a vulnerable state. Not this one - the balance of vulnerability, support & empowerment worked beautifully. – Sophie

“Practising Tigress yoga gives me access to the primal life force energy that was awakened in me though the ecstatic, natural home births of my 3 children.

As my journey with Tigress yoga deepens, these ecstatic states become more natural and occur more often as I surrender to the Divinity within my exquisite feminine form. Thank you Devashi and Tigress for providing the map...and thank you Melanie (self) for your devotion.” - Melanie Mother + Midwife

“I enjoyed the practice a lot.

I am very introvert, so it took me a while to relax and accept the opportunity to be vulnerable and open to anything. The changes I experienced were very subtle, but noticeable. I never thought about my body the way I did in Tigress Yoga practice. I never really noticed that it is there for me, I just wanted (demanded) it to be thin and healthy ;). I never really felt myself inside the body. It never occurred to me that dwelling inside my physical body would feel so alive, real and pleasurable. Thank you for that, it is a small step ahead, but a large one in the perspective of my perception. If I would stay in Melbourne I would certainly continue with the practice. I think I will try to do at home a solo practice, I really enjoyed the part where we give our hearts a voice. I even said to myself, "ok, heart”, let’s see what you want to sing…. And this “weird” invitation by itself was very enriching. It opened a door, wondering, what else I might experience, that I already own, that I just need to discover.” - Ana, on holiday from Slovenia

"Tigress is a big highlight of my week where I feel myself as the woman I long to be, empowered, pleasure filled, in my body, freely moving energy.

After Tigress I always feel myself moving in the world from a beautifully soft and centred place. As a practice it develops my femininity, my openness, my presence, my heart. I believe Every woman would love and benefit from this practice. The Only reason you wouldn't do it is if the timing of classes didn't work, and you can always work that out! So do yourself a delicious favour and do it!!” - Amanda

"Tigress allowed me to surrender to a degree I have never experienced before.

I was feeling like I could only experience deep sensual bliss if there was a male energy in my life to fill me. But with Tigress I feel full, like I am filling my own cup. It makes me feel like I am my own sovereign being with all the tools for my own pleasure and bliss already inherent within my own body. So I feel freed from trying to 'get something' from outside myself. It also makes me feel safe and validated in what ever I am feeling, because what ever you bring to your practice is accepted as authentic. It makes me feel like I can fully breath, let go and surrender into something so deep, so divine and completely beyond words. It reminds me of how I once felt with a lover, where he took me into such deep caverns of ecstasy, that I felt like my entire ego was dissolving and I was melting into the Universe. But now I don't need that man or anything outside myself to experience that; I only need myself. And that feels like a pretty powerful place to be standing in."

“I have spent many many years "shoulding" myself, telling Jess that she shouldn't feel a particular way, and have held a deep core belief that there was something wrong with me, that I was not allowed to be the woman that I am.

Tigress has taught me to accept and allow myself, my feelings, all that I am, to be present.


Not to say that I am able to allow myself to be tired, sad, joyful, angry, frustrated every day, but I am certainly becoming much more aware of and accepting of myself, as a human being. And am able to actually see and acknowledge the beautiful, sensitive, kind, courageous woman, that has a much right to be here as anyone else. I have only begun my journey, having practiced for three months. However after experiencing such significant shifts in my attitude and self esteem in such a short space of time, I can only but be excited for the shifts that are to come! I highly recommend the practice to any woman, regardless of age, my hope would be that it changes your relationship with yourself, as deeply as it has mine.


Tigress has enabled me to develop a deep appreciation for what I feel and for my ability TO feel. I have never been so intimately related to my feelings, and to feel such respect for them. I am learning that they are all welcome and that they all serve an invaluable role in guiding and directing me toward my truth and to being the best possible Jess I can be” – Jess

“Finding My Voice:

My first experience with Tigress Yoga was earlier this year over a 6 week period, consisting of a once week class. At first I wasn’t sure what to expect, I’m not your typical “yogi” or “hippie” for that matter, but I am keen on pushing myself out of my comfort zone, so I thought I’d give it a go. At first I was a little distracted by the sounds I was hearing coming from the group of 6-8 women and it took me a little while to get into the free flow of the moves. I felt a little stuck in my body and I am a perfectionist, so I was obsessing over getting the moves right. The first thing I noticed was how in my head I was about it all and I noticed feeling judgemental about how unnatural it seemed to be surrounded by women breathing so heavily, I felt completely out of my depth. As the weeks progressed though, I did start to feel a little more comfortable and I felt a lot of energy shifting inside my body, some good and some unpleasant. It seemed easier the second time round and once I got over the sounds and focused on my own breathing I was able to feel the moves out more naturally which allowed me to tap into some juicier sensations.


Having been curious to study more about tantric practices, but being too scared to explore it, I was able to tap into the type of energy I always knew was there inside me without having to open up to a male counterpart to experience it. I’d finally found my body! Over the years I have struggled a lot with finding my voice. I am a big talker with big opinions but like most women, when it comes to asking for what I need and want I get all choked up. The first thing I noticed in the first few days of the intensive, was being able to express myself in a way that had not come so easily before. The second was my physical body and my response to touch. My boyfriend noticed a
difference in me straight away, it was as if I had upgraded to a new model with extra features. Everything just seemed so much more intense and every sensation was heightened as if I had taken a ‘limitless’ pill. We were first hand experiencing a taste of what it’s like to connect on a deeper level and it’s definitely something I want to explore more. Tigress Yoga is unlike any other practice I have tried, it connects you to mother earth, the stars, the ancestors and the true power of a woman. I’m nervous to explore more of this practice because I know it means change, but I am excited because I know this change is a way to get to know myself." - Catherine